wizard oz charactersElaine Horn would love to appear as Dorothy from Oz
at your next Wizard of Oz theme party or event!

With this year being the 75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, we might see an increased interest in all things Oz. And something as whimsical and imaginative as the world of Oz lends itself perfectly to a PARTY!  Whether your child requests a Wizard Oz party or you just think it would be a creative theme with an endless amount of inspiration (which it is), there are tons of cool ideas for a Wizard of Oz birthday party – Just follow the Yellow Brick Road to find them or click on some of the links below for fun ideas and supplies for a magical Wizard of Oz inspired party or event.

And don’t forget to invite Dorothy from Oz along to entertain and dazzle your guests with stories and songs and freshly baked lollypops by the Munchkins and bring your camera to capture some memorable Photo Ops in front of the 6ft Oz backdrop featuring Lion, Scarecrow and of course the Tin Man. What a great addition to your Wizard Oz party!


And just to get you started or to inspire you we have listed below a few websites that have some great ideas and supplies for your Wizard of Oz event!

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Wizard of Oz Party Supplies – Oriental Trading Co.

Birthday Direct

Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids



Wizard Oz Dorothy & Totowizard oz party backdrop