Judy Garland Impersonator as DororthyCELEBRATE THE LAND OF OZ

with Judy Garland, Dorothy Impersonator
ELAINE HORN, Nationally Renowned
Judy Garland Impersonator, as Dorothy from Oz!

Give your children the joy and love of Dorothy
from the Magical Land of Oz!

In a 40-60 Minute Program and behind beautiful 6 foot stand-ups of

watch Elaine Horn (Judy Garland, Dorothy Impersonator). A Nationally Renowned young Judy Garland impersonator/impressionist, as Dorothy of Oz, perform exact scenes and lines from the classic 1939 movie, while going through the Wizard of Oz movie pop-up book with children seated around her.


The children are part of re-enacting the Oz Movie with her!
They are thrilled to become the new stars of Oz!

Followed up by

Freshly baked Lollypops by the Munchkins
Photo ops in front of the OZ Backdrop.


 Land of Oz



Elaine-Horn-Judy Garland Impersonator as Dorothy Oz with Munchkins
Miss Elaine Horn, Judy Garland, Dorothy Impersonator, is pictured here,with some of the original 1939 Wizard Oz movie Munchkins after a performance, June 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, Miss Horn does NOT have any content on YouTube at this time, therefore these review letters & their contact info is provided for you for your convenience instead.

Honor a child
Susan Jacobson
(310) 363-3296 - President - July 5, 2023 / Honor A Child

Simply stated, Ms. Horn was phenomenal!

Simply stated, Ms. Horn was phenomenal. Her resemblance to Judy Garland's Dorothy was amazing. She sounded exactly like Judy, and her mannerisms were identical. All of the children were mesmerized by Ms. Horn's performance, along with their parents. Her performance in the "Wizard of Oz Storybook Show" came off like a mini Broadway show, simple, yet profound acting skills, with tremendous audience applause throughout. It was truly top quality children's entertainment at its best. Read full testimonial

Friends of Fox
Marilyn Togninali
(209) 470-8923- President - March 18, 2018 / Friends of the Fox Theatre

so close to the real Dorothy (Judy Garland)

Elaine Horn appeared at the showing of the Wizard of Oz at the Fox/Bob Hope Theater in Stockton last Sunday. She was a delight to visit with and a huge success with children and adults alike. Even the adults agreed she was so close to the real Dorothy (Judy Garland) not only in looks but her wonderful voice also. The "Meet and Greet" was thrilling for the children and her stage presence and announcing of the movie was perfect. She not only was there before the movie, but also after the movie for those what wanted to wish her farewell. We had one of our largest crowds and I'm sure this was attributed to the fact that we announced Elaine would be in attendance. I am thrilled and privileged to have been able to have this opportunity to meet such a talented young lady. Read full testimonial

Jerrry Maren - Lollipop Kid Munchkin
Jerry Maren
Lollipop Kid Munchkin - June 6, 2018 / Original 1939 Wizard of Oz Movie

Elaine shines as the best Dororthy!

I have had the pleasure of working with Elaine Horn over the past three years. Some of the more notable events include publicity work for Warner Bros; this involved the re-release of the Wizard of Oz on DVD, OZ Festivals, and a performance of a scene from the original movie in San Jose, CA. In Particular, her Storybook Wizard of Oz performance has received critical acclaim. Elaine's portrayal of Dorothy matches very closely to that of Judy Garland; her resemblance and qualities are uncanny. She has always been very courteous and professional. Elaine shines as the best among all the Dorothy's we have ever worked with, since Judy Garland.
Read full testimonial

Joe Luft
Garland's Son - January 14, 2016

Highly recommend her

I am very pleased and proud of Elaine's portrayal of my mother Judy Garland as "Dorothy", as well as closely portraying my mother in her early years at MGM. I highly recommend her to all of you. Although no one could ever top my mothers portrayal of "Dorothy", as far as I'm concerned never have I seen any portray of "Dorothy" as closely in appearance and manner as Elaine Horn.

Read Full Testimonial

Warner Bros Theatre Ventures Inc.
Gregg Maday

Elaine brought her abundant talent and enthusiasm

When BROADWAY IN CHICAGO presented their production of Sing-A-Long Wizard of Oz, A Warner Bros. licensed production. Elaine Horn portrayed DOROTHY. Elaine brought her abundant talent and enthusiasm to the role in the pre and post show activities to great success. Her contribution to this interactive theatrical film experience enhanced the audience participation and allowed them to fully enjoy the fun and festivities of the evening.
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Elaine Horn, Nationally Renowned young Judy Garland, Dorothy Impersonator.

Elaine’s uncanny resemblance to the motion picture star, Judy Garland as Dorothy, provides an exciting opportunity for public and private appearances. Her contagious sparkling personality, professional presentation, and likeness to the young Judy are winners in any setting.

ELAINE , the look-alike, sound-alike impersonator for the young Judy as Dorothy, is AVAILABLE FOR PERSONAL APPEARANCES and other events such as trade shows, seminars, conventions, sales meetings, product introductions, award ceremonies, school presentations, Oz festivals, store openings, meet-and-greets, special events, and more.



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